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Optimizing Content Management for exceptional Customer Experience

PMA Partner offers innovative solutions in the tourism industry and is dedicated to provide exceptional experiences to its clients worldwide. In our quest for excellence, we realized the need to enhance our customers' content management capabilities to meet the changing demands of the market. That's why we embarked on an exciting journey with Contentserv and SAN TSG to implement a powerful Product Information Management (PIM) system. This has revolutionized the way our customers can manage and deliver content, ensuring they stay ahead of the competition.


Building a Solid Foundation

At PMA Partner, we recognize the significance of having a well-organized framework for managing large quantities of product data. Contentserv has enabled us to establish a strong basis for our clients' content management procedures. By defining and implementing a comprehensive model, we could categorize and structure product information efficiently, thus ensuring consistency, accuracy, and scalability across all channels.

Streamlining Workflows with Automation

In today's fast-paced business environment, efficiency plays a significant role in staying ahead of the competition. By implementing a PIM system, we have been able to automate repetitive tasks and streamline content management workflows for our customers. From data entry and updates to distribution across various channels, Contentserv's automation capabilities have allowed us to save time and resources while also minimizing the risk of errors. As a result, our customers can focus on delivering high-quality content and personalized experiences along all touchpoints.

Seamless Integration into the touristic technical ecosystem

As part of our commitment to provide our customers the most efficient technical processes, we recognized the importance of integration. The PIM system smoothly integrates with the touristic system landscape, including the tour operator systems and other core platforms. This interoperability enables real-time synchronization of data, streamlines operations, and delivers consistent messaging along all touchpoints. By leveraging the power of the different systems involved, we can improve collaboration, ensure data accuracy, and respond quickly to changing market demands.

Expanding the Global Reach with Automated Translations

Catering to diverse audiences in today's global marketplace has become crucial for businesses. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by creating multilingual content. By implementing automated translation processes, we've been able to expand our customers’ global reach effortlessly. This not only enhances our customers’ brand presence but also ensures consistency and coherence in messaging across different regions and cultures.

Enhancing Content Quality with AI

We are pioneers in the tourism industry and are always looking for ways to innovate. We are excited to explore the possibilities of AI-powered content management. By using AI algorithms for text and image analysis, we can improve the quality and relevance of our product content. This allows us to optimize product descriptions for search engines and ensure that our imagery is visually appealing and contextually relevant. Our goal is to deliver unparalleled experiences to our customers using the power of AI.


Our partnership with Contentserv and SAN TSG has been truly transformative. We have built a strong foundation with a robust data model, streamlined workflows, and seamlessly integrated into the tourism ecosystem.

With the help of AI, we have been able to elevate our customer's content-management capabilities to new heights. We are excited to continue our journey of innovation and deliver even more exceptional experiences to travelers around the world.

In conclusion, our partnership has been instrumental in our success so far.



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