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  • Ahmet Pandir

PMA Partner visits WTM London

The founders of PMA Partner, Torsten Lampe and Ahmet Pandir visited the World Travel Market in London to meet with clients and partners and to observe the latest industry news..

WTM, one of the most significant industry events, hosted thousands of travel professionals from 7th to 9th November at Excel House, an ADNEC property. The busy trade floor showed that the industry is returning to pre-covid levels, despite disturbances around the world, but the focus is much more on healthy business models with margins as key drivers and new technology as enablers.

Technology and digitalisation are now more critical than ever, and this can be felt and heard moving around the trading floor at WTM. Most professionals are discussing how to keep up with the tech and ensure an architecture with processes that can compete in the competitive landscape.

PMA Partner focuses on re-designing or building architectures for travel companies to lead the development, with effective processes and pave the way for future travellers' behaviour.



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